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Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V.


The objectives of the charity are to improve the conditions for disadvantaged children. In concrete terms, this can be achieved through the realization of the following projects:

- Construction of small houses in which the children can grow up with their siblings and other children in a family context and in a safe and sheltered environment.

- Construction of a primary school (grade 1 through to 8) which the orphans attend jointly with other children from the region, thus helping them to stay in touch with their community.

- Construction of a training centre in which young people learn a skilled trade.

- Support for children and young people through sponsorships.

- Promotion of environmental awareness through

  1. Construction of all buildings in rammed earth building technique, avoiding the exploitation of scarce wood resources

  2. Erection and operation of urine diverting toilets (avoidance of ground water pollution) and using the waste as compost

  3. Promotion of renewable energies through the use of solar technology, thus protecting the environment and giving the children a sustainable future