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Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V.

How it all began

Michael Owino
Michael Owino

While on a student exchange trip in 1986, Heiko Wäsche met the Kenyan Michael Owino Tamre. This was followed in 1987 by his first trip to Siaya, Kenya, where he worked in an architectural office for three months. Through his time living with the Kenyans and the many visits that followed thereafter, he got a deeper and deeper insight into the lives of the people living there.

In 2007 a sponsorship was founded in co-operation with the "Mbaga Primary Mixed" school to refurnish and expand the school.

His life in the community led him to become more and more aware just how many of the orphans' parents had died through AIDS. Through working on the school project, he also came to realise how prohibiting the high cost of cement and bricks were to development.

An idea was born

Building orphanages that were inexpensive to construct and operate. For this purpose he used his experience as an architect working with wood and clay to full advantage. The traditional use of clay as a building tool is modified to build inexpensive and durable orphanages.

Together with friends the charity “Houses for orphans e.V." was founded.