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Urine diverting toilets (Engineers without Borders)

For our project in Siaya/Kenya we will be using urine diverting toilets. These sanitary systems are supposed to raise the local population's awareness for the topics of hygiene and environment. To this purpose, 'Engineers Without Borders' have provided their plans for the erection of urine diverting toilets to us at no cost.

Urine diverting toilets are constructed in such a way that human excretions are diverted at the source and stored separately for sanitisation and treatment. After one month of storage, urine may be used as fertiliser while faeces are stored for six months and then processed into compost. Since the urine diverting toilets are operated entirely without water, this precious resource is saved. Another sustainable effect lies in the avoidance of ground water pollution, as happens when conventional cesspits are used.

The local population is involved in the building stage and relevant knowledge is shared with them to ensure the sustainability of the project. Trainings are conducted in order to enhance overall hygiene awareness.