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Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V.


The group homes will take on orphans from the Siaya region aged 0 to 14 years whose parents died from AIDS. We want to give these children a home in which they can grow up in a loving and sheltered environment.

The children are educated at a school which is affiliated with the project and where they find favourable learning conditions in order to successfully graduate from school. Each group home provides a family context for eight children, giving them a safe haven with dedicated contact persons to bond with and a well-structured daily life. Structure is essential for the significant improvement of their physical and mental development. Regular meals and schooling, time to play and a safe home will give the children the chance to come to terms with what they have experienced. In the long term, the sense of community as well as the acceptance of their personality will help them to develop more confidence and self-esteem and strengthen their resilience.